Sanlorenzo S.P.A.

Sanlorenzo's ability to embrace new ideas while remaining faithful to its heritage, the courage to dare pushing beyond its limits have led to the creation of the new innovative models presented today at the Milan Triennale:

- SD96, the first yacht designed by Patricia Urquiola. Bringing her vision on board, the architect and designer interprets the interior of the SD96 in the name of transformability, for a boat capable of evolving and continuously adapting to the needs of those who live on it.

- SL96Asymmetric with interiors signed by Laura Sessa. With the aim of making more use of the interior spaces and having better communication with the outside world, SL96Asymmetric in fact rethinks the canonical layout of a yacht, retaining only the side decks on the starboard side and eliminating the left one, which is carried on the roof of the superstructure, allowing 10sqm of surface space to be recovered to the benefit of the interior, through this asymmetric configuration. Something which has never been tried before.

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